DREAM6 Current challenges (2011)

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DREAM5 (2010)

Important Notice

The datasets and gold standards for Challenge 1 (The Epotope-Antibody Recognition Challenge) were generously provided prior to its publication and cannot be used for external publication without explicit permission from Dr. Hans-Juergen Thiesen ( For the other datasets, please refer to the original data providers and the DREAM project in your publication.

  1. Epitope-Antibody Recognition (EAR) Challenge - Predict the binding specificity of peptide-antibody interactions.
  2. TF-DNA Motif Recognition Challenge - Predict the specificity of a Transcription Factor binding to a 35-mer probe.
  3. Systems Genetics Challenge - Predict disease phenotypes and infer Gene Networks from Systems Genetics data
  4. Network Inference Challenge -Infer simulated and in-vivo gene regulation networks.
Download DREAM5 Data - website registration required
Best Performers of the DREAM5 challenges

DREAM4 (2009)

  1. Peptide Recognition Domain (PRD) Specificity Prediction - Predict protein-protein interactions at the level of binding domains and peptides
  2. DREAM4 In Silico Network Challenge - Infer simulated gene regulation networks and predict gene expression measurements
  3. Predictive Signaling Network Modeling - Predict phosphoprotein measurements using an interpretable, predictive network
Download DREAM4 Data - website registration required

DREAM3 (2008)

  1. Signaling Cascade Identification - Infer a signaling network from flow cytometery data
  2. Signaling Response Prediction - Predict missing protein concentrations from a large corpus of measurements
  3. Gene Expression Prediction - Predict missing gene expression measurements
  4. DREAM3 In Silico Network Challenge - Infer simulated gene regulation networks
Download DREAM3 Data - website registration required

DREAM2 (2007)

  1. BCL6 Transcriptional Target Prediction - Predict the genes that a transcription factor binds to
  2. Protein-Protein Interaction Network Inference - Predict a PPI network of 47 proteins
  3. Synthetic Five-Gene Network Inference - Infer a gene regulation network from qPCR and microarray measurements
  4. DREAM2 In Silico Network Challenge - Infer various network topologies from simulated "measurements"
  5. Genome-Scale Network Inference - Reconstruct a genome scale regulatory network from a large collection of microarrays
Download DREAM2 Data - website registration required

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