Current challenges

For DREAM6 and DREAM7 Please access our website at the EBI. For DREAM8, DREAM8.5 and subsequent DREAM challenges please go to our current website at Sage Bionetworks.

DREAM5 (2010)

Important Notice

To publish results on DREAM5 Challenge 1 please cite Luštrek M et al, PLoS One. 2013 Nov 11;8(11) as the source of the data. Thanks.

  1. Epitope-Antibody Recognition (EAR) Challenge - Predict the binding specificity of peptide-antibody interactions.
  2. TF-DNA Motif Recognition Challenge - Predict the specificity of a Transcription Factor binding to a 35-mer probe.
  3. Systems Genetics Challenge - Predict disease phenotypes and infer Gene Networks from Systems Genetics data
  4. Network Inference Challenge -Infer simulated and in-vivo gene regulation networks.
Download DREAM5 Data - website registration required
Best Performers of the DREAM5 challenges

DREAM4 (2009)

  1. Peptide Recognition Domain (PRD) Specificity Prediction - Predict protein-protein interactions at the level of binding domains and peptides
  2. DREAM4 In Silico Network Challenge - Infer simulated gene regulation networks and predict gene expression measurements
  3. Predictive Signaling Network Modeling - Predict phosphoprotein measurements using an interpretable, predictive network
Download DREAM4 Data - website registration required

DREAM3 (2008)

  1. Signaling Cascade Identification - Infer a signaling network from flow cytometery data
  2. Signaling Response Prediction - Predict missing protein concentrations from a large corpus of measurements
  3. Gene Expression Prediction - Predict missing gene expression measurements
  4. DREAM3 In Silico Network Challenge - Infer simulated gene regulation networks
Download DREAM3 Data - website registration required

DREAM2 (2007)

  1. BCL6 Transcriptional Target Prediction - Predict the genes that a transcription factor binds to
  2. Protein-Protein Interaction Network Inference - Predict a PPI network of 47 proteins
  3. Synthetic Five-Gene Network Inference - Infer a gene regulation network from qPCR and microarray measurements
  4. DREAM2 In Silico Network Challenge - Infer various network topologies from simulated "measurements"
  5. Genome-Scale Network Inference - Reconstruct a genome scale regulatory network from a large collection of microarrays
Download DREAM2 Data - website registration required

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