BCL6 Transcriptional Target Prediction (DREAM2, Challenge 1)


A number of potential transcriptional targets of BCL6, a gene that encodes for a transcription factor active in B cells, have been identified with ChIP-on-chip data and functionally validated by perturbing the BCL6 pathway with CD40 and anti-IgM, and by over-expressing exogenous BCL6 in Ramos cell. We subselected a number of targets found in this way (the "gold standard positive" set), and added a number decoys (genes that have no evidence of being BCL6 targets, named the "gold standard negative" set), compiling a list of 200 genes in total. Given this list of 200 genes, the challenge consists of identifying which ones are the true targets and which ones are the decoys, using an independent panel of gene expression data.

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