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Graphical Representation and Analysis of Structure Server

GRASS aims at providing sophisticated molecular graphics capabilities to scientists without requiring extensive training in complicated molecular graphics software or access to expensive graphics equipment. This tool is designed to facilitate the study of macromolecular function by mapping a number of structural, chemical, and biological properties onto various representations of molecular structure. These properties and graphics are calculated on our server (primarly using the GRASP molecular modeling program) and are then sent to be viewed on the user's machine using any of three widely available visualization programs: a Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) viewer, Chime, or GRASP. The wide availability of the supported viewers on all platforms makes it possible to use this service from virtually any platform.

Address GRASS related questions to:
  • grass<at>

GRASS is supported by a funding from the National Science Foundation Grant # DBI-9904841

Developed in the Honig Lab

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