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This is the home page of Barry Honig's group in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics and Center of Computational Biology and Bioinformaticsof Columbia University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Research Interests

The guiding hypothesis of much of our current research is that sequence and structural information combined with biophysical analysis can reveal how biological specificity is encoded on protein structures. Our efforts in the past few years have focused on the development and application of biophysical and bioinformatics methods aimed at understanding the structural and energetic origins of protein-protein, protein–nucleic acid, and protein-membrane interactions. Our work includes fundamental theoretical research, the development of software tools, and applications to problems of biological importance. In this regard we maintain an active collaborative computational/experimental research program on the molecular basis of cell-cell adhesion. Other problems of current interest include protein structure prediction, the organization of protein sequence/structure space, the prediction of protein function based on protein structure, the structural origins of specificity in protein-DNA interactions, RNA function and, more generally, the electrostatic properties of biological macromolecules.

For more information, please see Honig webpages at Columbia University and HHMI.

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