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introduce is a Grid Service Authoring Toolkit in caGrid.

Given a xsd file you exported from EA, it can generates java codes for caGrid service for you.

You can also use introduce to deploy services to grid servers.



After installing caGrid, you can use command "ant introduce" in the directory you installed caGrid to launch the introduce toolkit.


This is an example screenshot after created a caGrid Service from xsd file.

It shows, after selected the xsd file and press Add botton, following five classes have been added into Data Types: AnovaResult, AnovaParameter, MicroarraySet, Microarray and Marker.

Create methods in introduce

Since EA only generates xsd for data types, it won't generate xsd for methods, we'll need to do it manually in introduce.

  1. Choose Operations tab, press Add,
  2. Select parameter types on your left in input sub-tab, press Add.
  3. Select Output sub-tab, double click the return type for this method on your left.
  4. Press Done.

Generate java code

press the Save botton, java code will be generated.

Deploy caGrid Service

using GUI

  1. Click deploy service
  2. select the directory contains the service you want to deploy
  3. click deploy deploy using introduce

if you select CATALINA_HOME as in the snapshot above, the service will be deployed to your Tomcat.

using command line

If you've already deployed using introduce GUI with success as described above, everything should already been setup correctly, and can be deployed using ant. You should be able to call "ant deployTomcat" under your caGrid service project directory, the directory contains build.xml, to deploy the service.

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