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CVS comparisons:

There are a variety of benefits that subversion has over CVS. Some are:

  • True atomicity of commits - commits are not effective until the entire commit has succeeded (a commit/cancel in cvs will result in partial persistence of data).
  • Revision numbers are on a per commit basis as opposed to a per file basis.
  • Renaming files/directories causes versioning.
  • Copy or move/rename a file or directory is easy.
  • Faster over network (nice).
  • Simpler command line.
  • Console output is more readable.
  • "status" "revert" and "diff" are local operations - no need to access the network to find out about local changes or to revert them.

Things to watch out for:

  • You have to check out the trunk of a project, not just the project. If you don't checkout the branch, you will get every branch!

Eclipse Plugin

  • See here for information on getting/installing subclipse, the eclipse subversion plugin.
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