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In Word 2007, the Endnote X2 Add-in can become disabled if your Word crashes. To re-enable the add-in, please follow these instructions.

Under the Office button menu, click on “Word Options” at the bottom of the menu. That opens up the Word Options window. Click on “Add-ins”.

At the bottom of the list of Add-Ins, under “Disabled Application Add-Ins”, you can see the Cite While You Write add-in. To re-enable this, go to the Manage: menu. Change the menu from “COM Add-ins” to “Disabled Items”

Click Go, and you’ll get a new little window.

Click on the “Add-in: cite while you write (endnote cwyw.dll)” and then hit Enable.

After doing that, shut down Word 2007 and restart. The EndNote tab should re-appear and work like normal.

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