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Current Events

Titan compute cluster at C2B2

C2B2 VPN Discontinued - 6/15/2012

As of 6/15/2012, C2B2 will no longer maintain a VPN service for the general user community. Users requiring VPN connections can use the VPN provided by CUMC IT. Information on using this VPN can be found at

We recommend using the "AnyConnect" VPN services listed on the page above. If you have difficulty with the CUMC VPN service, please call CUMC IT for assistance at: 212-305-HELP (4357).

ARCS migration for ICG and HICCC - 5/7/2012

All ICG and HICCC labs are now being scheduled to migrate computers from the ICG domain to the ARCS domain. At the same time, we are migrating labs off of the ICG exchange server over to our Zimbra mail server. Please contact IT support if you have any questions.

Offsite E-mail forwarding to be discontinued - 9/29/2011

Due to new CUMC campus policy, forwarding of e-mail addresses to offsite e-mail accounts (e.g. gmail, yahoo mail, etc.) will no longer be allowed. This change in policy will be effective for C2B2/HICCC/ICG members on Friday, Ocrober 8th 2011. If you have any questions, please contact IT support.

Older Notices

What is ARCS at C2B2?

The Advanced Research Computing Support (ARCS) group at C2B2 provides IT services for:

at Columbia University.

We provide support ranging from basic desktop support to the design and management of high performance computing, mass storage and other research computing technologies.

For more information on services ARCS provides, see Service Descriptions.

Interested in getting services through ARCS? Contact John Wofford at jw2632 at

Need help now?

See our Documentation for help with setting up your computer, getting started with computational services, helpful software downloads, and other tips and documentation for new and veteran users.

Need technical assistance? Go to Trouble Tickets to submit a request online. (Can't login? Send an email to rt <at> Remember to put a useful description of your problem in the 'Subject:' line to make it easier for us to track your problem.

Online Forms

New User Account Form
We now have an online form to request a new user account. Please download the form below and send it via an email attachment to rt<at> (C2B2) or help<at> (HICCC & ICG). New account requests should be submitted at minimum One Week before the new employee's start date.

New User Account Form to be filled out on PC
New User Account Form to be filled out on MAC

New Computer Requirements Form
Need a quote for a new computer? Please download the form below and send it via an email attachement to rt<at> (C2B2) or help<at> (HICCC & ICG).

New Computer Requirements Form to be filled out on PC
New Computer Requirements Form to be filled out on MAC

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