Package org.geworkbench.bison.model.analysis

Interface Summary
Analysis Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003
AnalysisParameters Tagging interface for analysis parameter classes.
ClusteringAnalysis Tagging interface for clustering analysis algorithms.
NormalizingAnalysis Tagging interface for filtering analysis algorithms.
ProteinAnnotationAnalysis Tagging interface for protein annotation analysis algorithms(markus)
ProteinDatabaseAnalysis Tagging interface for skybase analysis
ProteinSequenceAnalysis The interface to identify protein sequence analysis, which takes fasta file as input.
ProteinStructureAnalysis The interface to identify protein structure analysis, which takes PDB files as input data.

Class Summary
AlgorithmExecutionResults Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003
FilteringAnalysis Abstract class to tag filtering analysis and defines common methods for filtering.
ParameterPanel Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003
ParamValidationResults Return value for calls to Analysis.validateParameters().

Enum Summary