Package org.geworkbench.engine.config

Interface Summary
Closable Interface to be implemented by all components that need to do something when application is closing.
MenuListener Interface to be implemented by all plugin components that want to register listeners for menu items from the menu bar.
VisualPlugin Interface to be implemented by all plugin components that have a visual representation.

Class Summary
ComponentMetadata Metadata for a component, such as common name, version, description, etc.
GUIFramework Base class for the top-level window of an application.
IdentifiableImpl This class provides an implementation of the Identifiable interface to be used with PluginDescriptor objects.
MenuItemInfo Holds information pertaining to a main menu item for a component.
PluginDescriptor The PluginDescriptor class stores references to the plugin components comprising the application.
PluginRegistry Registry keeping stock of (1) all the plugins defined for an application, and (2) the association of plugins with extension points.
PreferencesMenu Manages the global preferences
UILauncher The starting point for an application.