Package org.geworkbench.util

Interface Summary
TrainingProgressListener Implemented by objects that want to be notified of progress in a classifier's training, usually for display on the GUI to let the user know how well things are going.
TrainingTask A training task is a cancellable task that shows training progress.

Class Summary
BasicAuthenticator Extends Authenticator to allow for user login *
BinaryEncodeDecode Title: Binary Encoder Decoder
BusySwingWorker<T,V> An extension of the SwingWorker class that knows how to indicate on a panel that it's busy.
CheckThreadViolationRepaintManager Adapted from the code from DetectEventDispatchThreadruleviolations.htm $Id: 9758 2012-08-01 14:44:40Z zji $
ColorScale Color scale shown for heat-map type display.
CommandBase Base class for command panels: AnalysisPanel, FilteringPanel, NormalizationPanel
FilePathnameUtils Part of the API for accessing file system by geworkbench components.
FishersExactTest Fisher's Exact Test
JAutoList A list control that supports interactive text search.
PrintUtils Utility that prints an AWT component.
ProgressBar Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003
ProgressBar.IncrementModel Utility class that encapsulates a step size for the ProgressBar display
ProgressBarT Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003
ProgressBarT.IncrementModel Utility class that encapsulates a step size for the ProgressBarT display
ProgressDialog Implements a progress dialog to show progress of application tasks.
ProgressGraph Allows for a graphical display of progress in a process where maybe only the stopping condition is known, but not how long or how many iterations it will take to get there.
ProgressItem Implements a generic progress item to show progress of an application task.
ProgressItem.IncrementModel Utility class that encapsulates a step size for the ProgressBar display
ProgressTask<T,V> An abstract SwingWorker subclass that contains a progress item.
RegularExpressionVerifier Title: Sequence and Pattern Plugin
SaveImage Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003
SplashBitmap Displays a splash screen containing one bitmap file and an optional progress bar.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
BaseException Base exception class for all application exceptions.
BaseRuntimeException Base runtime exception class for all application exceptions.
ClassifierException Used by classifiers to indicate an exception.