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PQS db Details


  • What labs or how many are using the database?

    Honig lab

  • Who is the main “database authority” for the PQS?
  • Kely Norel (rn98<at>columbia.edu)

  • What kind of database is it? (flat-file, relational, XML, etc)
  • flat-file

  • Name/Size of database?
  • PQS db

    66,000 structures

  • Backup procedures? How often?
    • Database Backups (Hot, Cold, Both) [and/or]
    • Operating System backup

    OS Backup

  • What servers/operating systems are hosting them (IP addresses)
  • Internal: /ifs/data/c2b2/bh_lab/shares/databases/macmol/

    EBI: http://pqs.ebi.ac.uk/pqs-doc/pqs-doc.shtml

  • Approximately how many *active* users?
  • 1

  • How often is the database used? (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Weekly

  • What platforms are being used? (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc)
  • N/A

  • What applications are using these databases?
    • Web interface?
    • Application?
    • Command line interface?

    Command line interface

  • Is it accessible from outside the firewall to public users?
  • NO

  • What is the primary purpose of the database & types of data stored?
    • It consists of PDB-style files of biological complexes.
    • Quaternary Structure is defined as that level of form in which units of tertiary structure aggregate to form homo- or hetero-multimers.
  • May I access the database and if so, what is the login info?
  • N/A

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