The geWorkbench platform employs a component repository infrastructure to manage a large collection of pluggable components that can be used to customize the application's graphical user interface. This (ever growing) list of plug-in components covers a wide range of fucntionality for a number of different genomic data modalities.

The Status of the pluggable components below is defined as:

Status Comment
(a) Released This plugin is part of the latest geWorkbench version.
(b) Development This plugin is currently actively being developed.


Plugin Status Description
ANOVA Released Analysis of Variance - detection of significant differences in expression between more than two groups. (Screenshot)
Evidence Integration Development A sequence and structure-based approach for functional annotation and protein-protein interaction analysis.
GSEA Released The Gene Set Enrichment Analysis determines whether an a priori defined set of genes shows statistically significant differences between two phenotypes.
Hierarchical Clustering Released Clustering of markers and microarrays into hierarchical binary trees. The resulting structures can be visualized in the Dendrogram plugin. (Screenshot)
KNN Released k-Nearest Neighbors analysis (a GenePattern component).
MatrixReduce Released Transcription Factor binding motifs. (Screenshot)
MEDUSA Development The Motif Element Detection Using Sequence Agglomeration is an integrative method for learning motif models of transcription factor binding sites by incorporating promoter sequence and gene expression data (Leslie Lab, MSKCC).
MRA Released Master Regulator Analysis combines regulatory information from interaction networks with differential expression analysis. (Screenshot)
PCA Released Principal Component Analysis (a GenePattern component).
SOM Released Clustering of markers using Self Organizing Maps. The resulting clusters can be visualized in the SOM Clusters Viewer plugin. (Screenshot)
SVM 3.0 Released The Support Vector Machine is a supervised classification method that computes a maximal separating hyperplane between the expression vectors of different classes or phenotypes (a GenePattern component).
T-Test Released Identification of markers with statistically significant differential expression between sets of microarrays. (Screenshot Plot, Screenshot Mosaic)
Weighted Voting Released Weighted Voting Analysis (a GenePattern component).


Plugin Status Description
caScript Development An Editor.
Dataset History Released Log of data transformations induced by data-modifying operations.
Experiment Information Released Microarray machine parameters used in an experiment run. If available, high-level experiment information (e.g., purpose of of experiment) are also displayed.
Gene Ontology Enrichment Released Enrichment analysis of selected groups of genes against Gene Ontology ( annotations. (Screenshot)
Marker Annotations Released Retrieval of gene and pathway information for markers on a microarray (caBIO Pathways/Cancer Gene Index); it includes visualization of BioCarta pathway diagrams. (Screenshot Table, Screenshot BioCarta, Screenshot CGI)

Data Filtering

Plugin Status Description
Affy Detection Call Filter Released Filtering of measurements based on the value of their "detection call" attribute (Affymetrix data only) .
Deviation Filter Released Filtering of markers with low dynamic range.
Expression Threshold Filter Released Elimination of measurements that fall outside a range of explression values.
2-channel Threshold Filter Released Same as "Expression Threshold" filter but different threshold ranges can be specified for each channel (GenePix data only).
Genepix Flag Filter Released Filtering of measurements based on the value of their "Flags" attribute (GenePix data only).
Missing Value Filter Released Discards all markers that have missing measurements in more than a user specified number N of microarrays.

Data Management

Plugin Status Description
Arrays/Phenotypes Released Definition of data views consisting of microarray subgroups. The views control the amount of data displayed. (Screenshot)
caArray Released Search and download of gene expression data from instances of caArray (NCI microarray database product). (Screenshot)
Markers Released Definition of data views consisting of marker subgroups. The views control the amount of data displayed. (Screenshot)
Project Folders Released Manages projects and workspaces of the user. (Screenshot)

File Import

Plugin Status Description
Affymetrix CEL Released Loads Affymetrix probe CELl intensity files ("*.cel").
Affymetrix File Matrix Released Loads Affymetrix EXPperiment files ("*.exp").
Affymetrix MAS5/GCOS Released Loads output files from the GeneChip Operating Software formerly known as MAS5 Statistical algorithm (several different file extension).
FASTA Format Released Loads files that are in FASTA format ("*.fasta" and "*.txt").
Genepix File Format Released Loads files in GenePix Result format ("*.gpr").
PDB Structure Format Released Loads files in the Protein Data Base format ("*.pdb")
Tab-delimited (RMA Express Format) Released Loads tab-delimited files from the Robust Multichip Analysis ("*.txt")

Menu Tools

Plugin Status Description
CCM Released The Component Configuration Manager allows users to manage plugins dynamically at any given time in the application environment. (Screenshot)
genSpace Released It logs information about the analysis tools used in geWorkbench in order to enable collaboration support for the geWorkbench users.
Online Help Released geWorkbench Online Help uses the Java help 2.0 system to provide real-time help on component questions.
Preferences Released Allows users to predefine a few basic visual settings and choose a Text Editor.
Version Information Released Provides basic information about the currently installed user version of geWorkbench.
Welcome Screen Released Introduction to geWorkbench during the initial opening of the application.

Network Generation

Plugin Status Description
ARACNe Released The Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Accurate Cellular Networks analyses large amount of microarray data (typically 100-500 microarrays) to reverse engineer underlying gene regulatory networks. (Screenshot)
Cancer GEMS Development Interface to the NCI Cancer Genetic Markers of Susceptibility project.
CNKB Released The Cellular Networks Knowledge Base queries an in-house repository of locally generated B-cell interaction network data and information from external databases in order to build a network of interactions for selected genes. (Screenshot Throttle Graph, Screenshot Network)
Cytoscape Released Visualization of gene regulatory network created in Reverse Engineering using Cytoscape 1.0. (Screenshot)
MINDy Released The Modulator Inference by Network Dynamics algorithm extends ARACNe to include detecting the influence of modulators of transcription factor activity.
NetBoost Development NetBoost is a network characterization algorithm.


Plugin Status Description
Array-Based Centering Released Subtraction of the mean or median measurement of a microarray from every measurement in that microarray.
Housekeeping Normalizer Released Normalization of all measurements in a microarray through division by the average expression value of a (user defined) set of housekeeping genes.
Log2 Normalizer Released Applies a log2 transformation to all measurements in a microarray.
Marker-Based Centering Released Subtraction of the mean or median measurement of a marker profile from every measurement in the profile.
Mean-Variance Normalizer Released Transformation of expression measurements to standard units: for every marker, the mean measurement of the marker profile (across all microarrays in an experiment) is subtracted from each measurement in the profile and the resulting value is divided by the standard deviation of the profile.
Missing Value Normalizer Released Replacement of missing values with consensus values.
Quantile Normalizer Released Expression measurements in each microarray are adjusted so that the distribution of values is the same across all microarrays in an experiment.
Threshold Normalizer Released Adjustment of values that fall outside a user-specified threshold.

Protein Structure Analysis

Plugin Status Description
MarkUs Released Assesses the biochemical function for a given protein structure. (Screenshot)
Pudge Released Computational protein structure prediction using sequence homology. It integrates tools used at different stages of the structural prediction process. (Screenshot Parameters, Screenshot Result)
SkyBase Released Database of protein structure models produced by SkyLine based on structures solved by the NESG structural genomics consortium.
SkyLine Released Automated high-throughput pipeline for reverse homology-based comparative protein structure modeling based on the input template structure.

Sequence Analysis & Visualization

Plugin Status Description
Alignment Results Released It parses and displays the results of sequence similarity searches which were run on the NCBI BLAST service. (Screenshot)
Pattern Discovery Released Discovery of sequence motifs in sets of DNA and protein sequences. (Screenshot)
Position Histogram Released Visualization of results from the Pattern Discovery plugin. Motif/pattern support is plotted against relative sequence position of the motif match. (Screenshot)
Promoter Analysis Released Identification of putative transcription factor binding sites in DNA sequences. The analysis use the profiles in the JASPAR Transcription Factor Binding Profile Database. (Screenshot Logo, Screenshot Sequence 1, Screenshot Sequence 2)
Sequence Alignment Released Run jobs on the NCBI BLAST servers directly within geWorkbench.
Sequence Panel Released Visualization of results from the Pattern Discovery plugin, displaying the motif match location over each sequence from the input data set.
Sequence Retriever Released Retrieve sequences for annotated markers from Santa Cruz (Nucleotides) and EBI (Proteins). (Screenshot)


Plugin Status Description
Analysis Panel Released Framework to support numerous, individually loadable analysis methods.
ANOVA Tabular Viewer Released Displays the results of ANOVA analysis of gene expression data in tabular format. (Screenshot)
CEL Image Viewer Released Visualization of data in Affymetrix CEL files. (Screenshot)
Color Mosaic Released Heat maps for microarray expression data, organized by phenotypic or gene groupings. (Screenshot)
Dendrogram Released Tree-structured diagrams reflecting the results of hierarchical clustering analysis. (Screenshot)
Evidence Integration Viewer Development Displays the results of the Evidence Integration analysis.
Expression Profiles Released Line graph of genes expression profiles across several arrays/ hybridizations. (Screenshot)
Expression Value Distribution Released Distribution plot of marker expression values across one or more microarrays. (Screenshot)
GeneWays Released An essential component needed to display elements in Cytoscape and ARACNe.
GO Terms Viewer Released Displays the results of Gene Ontology Enrichment Analysis. (Screenshot)
Image Viewer Released Visualization of screenshots saved within geWorkbench (e.g. dendrograms).
Jmol Released Visualization of 3D protein structures from PDB files. (Screenshot)
Mark-Us Browser Released Displays the results of a Mark-Us analysis. (Screenshot)
MatrixReduce Released Visualization of MatrixReduce calculations using logo, chromosomal and tabular displays.
MEDUSA Viewer Development Displays the results of a MEDUSA analysis.
Microarray Viewer Released Color-gradient representation of gene expression values. (Screenshot)
MINDy Viewer Released The results of a MINDy calculation are presented in several different tabular displays and a heat map.
MRA Viewer Released Displays the results of the MRA in tablular and graphical form. (Screenshot)
NetBoost Viewer Development Displays a Boosting Iteration Graph, Confusion Matrix and Score Table from NetBoost Analysis.
Normalization Panel Released Framework to support numerous, individually loadable normalization components.
PCA Viewer Released Displays PCA results.
Pudge Browser Released Visualization of Pudge results. (Screenshot Parameters, Screenshot Result)
Scatter Plot Released Pairwise (array vs. array and marker vs. marker) comparison and plotting of expression values. (Screenshot Array, Screenshot Marker)
SkyBase Viewer Released Displays the results from the SkyBase search.
SkyLine Output All Released Displays all models from the Skyline modeling.
SkyLine Output Each Released Displays each model from the Skyline modeling.
SkyLine Contour Development A 2D dominance-based visualization of query results.
SOM Clusters Viewer Released Visualization of gene clusters produced by the self-organizing maps analysis. (Screenshot)
SVM Viewer Released Visualizes results obtained from classifying samples based on SVMs generated using the Gene Pattern v3 SVM service.
Tabular Microarray Viewer Released Spreadsheet view of all expression measurement in an experiment, one row per individual marker/probe and one column per microarray. (Screenshot)
Volcano Plot Released Visualize fold-change vs significance (P-value) for t-test results. (Screenshot)