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geWorkbench (genomics Workbench) is a Java-based open-source platform for integrated genomics. Using a component architecture it allows individually developed plug-ins to be configured into complex bioinformatic applications. At present there are more than 70 available plug-ins supporting the visualization and analysis of gene expression and sequence data. Example use cases include: [show details]

Quick Start

Please see the Quick Start guide to geWorkbench to see how to get started using geWorkbench right away.

Current Release

The latest production version of geWorkbench (v2.6.0.3) was released on December 21, 2016.

Web-enabled Version

geWorkbench-web provides installation-free access to the geWorkbench plug-ins through a pure browser interface. You can create and account and access the application at: http://geworkbench.c2b2.columbia.edu/geworkbench/.