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Policies & Procedures for file storage

Please read these notices carefully. Any failure to adhere to these policies is a violation of C2B2 use guidelines and will result in the suspension of your account. In some cases, deletion of data and/or legal action may be required.

  • C2B2 storage is intended for work related activities only. Any unrelated or personal usage of the system will not be tolerated.
  • The Isilon storage system is not certified to meet HIPAA or PHI requirements for data storage systems. Identified patient data should never be stored on this system!
  • All restrictions established on this system must be adhered to, including but not limited to: quotas, network access restrictions, mounting restrictions, file/directory security restrictions, user account restrictions. Any attempt to circumvent these restrictions will be met with immediate action.
  • User accounts and credentials should never be shared in order to share data. Please contact C2B2 support if you need assistance sharing your data.
  • Users' home directories must not be readable by any user other than the owner of the folder. If you need to share a directory under your home directory you can make your home directory executable (+x) but not readable (-r). This will allow other users to traverse your directory, but not read it's contents.
  • This is a shared use system. Everyone must be respectful of other users and their right to use the system. Any attempt to "hog" resources or prevent other users from fair use of the system will not be tolerated.
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