geWorkbench continues to be supported through forums maintained by the NCI's Molecular Analysis Tools Knowledge Center. End-user and development related queries and issues should be posted to the geWorkbench discussion forums:

Browsing of forum postings is open to the public. To add a posting or to reply to one, you will need an account. Please fill the "Access Account Request Form" to request that an account be created for you by the NCI personnel. After receiving your account credentials you will be able to post messages to the geWorkbench end-user and developer forums. You can also subscribe to a forum or to a specific topic by clicking on the "subscribe forum" or "subscribe topic" link at the bottom of the corresponding page. This will allow you to receive an email notification when new posts are made.

The full list of the various forums supported by the Molecular Analysis Tools Knowledge Center are available at:

The NCI maintains an NCI Wiki page for geWorkbench.


The development of geWorkbench was in part funded through the caBIG™ (cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid) initiative.

Though now discontinued, historical information about caBIG™ is available at Information about the caBIG™ Enterprise Support Network is available at