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The web-version of geWorkbench (geWorkbench-web) has its own set of tutorial pages. However, for some topics, a link to the desktop page is provided until an appropriate geWorkbench-web version is created.

List of geWorkbench-web Tutorials

  • Overview - Introduction to geWorkbench-web and its Workspace.
  • File Formats - List of data types and file formats supported by geWorkbench-web.
  • Set-View - As with the desktop version of geWorkbench, working with sets of arrays and markers is central to using the application.
  • ANOVA - Analysis of Variance
  • Cellular_Networks_KnowledgeBase - Query a wide selection of molecular and regulatory interaction databases.
  • Hierarchical_Clustering - Run hierarchical clustering to find groups of markers or arrays with similar expression profiles.
  • T-Test - Test whether a significant difference in expression exists between two groups of microarrays.

Relevant Desktop Version Tutorials

  • MarkUs - Functional analysis of protein structures.